Pedal Harp:  The pedal harp has several different names including: concert harp, orchestral harp, single or double-action harp.  All these names refer to the same instrument with only slight variants in size an mechanism.

If you intend to play unmodified classical repertoire, in an orchestra, or most contemporary music, you will need a pedal harp.  Pedal harps have more chromatic ability and in general, more strings.

Lever Harp:  The lever harp, or Celtic harp, comes in many shapes and sizes.  From the smallest, lap harp, to a 5 foot tall lever harp.

If you want to play Celtic harp or just like the idea of a smaller instrument, the lever harp is the one for you.  It is ideal for playing Celtic music as this music requires different technique than that of the pedal harp.

Also, the lever harp is ideal for small children.  Most small children start lessons on a lever harp and eventually graduate to a pedal harp.


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Pedal or Lever Harp?

When considering beginning harp lesson for a child or as an adult, it can be difficult to know exactly where to start.

Consider the following:



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