• Beginners can play beautiful music at the first sitting.
  • Your first notes sound beautiful.  Even practice sounds good!  It builds concentration and playing encourages freedom of thought and expression.
  • For it's beauty.
  • The harp is a very unique instrument.  Always eye-catching; the harp itself is adorned in many ways (carving, gilding, color).  The instrument and the performance are graceful and elegant.
  • Playing will give you years of Pleasure.
  • Creating beautiful music is very satisfying.  People appreciate the sound of the harp and the skill it takes to play one.
  • Harpists have a tight-knit bond and love to encourage one another.  It's fun!
  • It can lead to a rewarding career.
  • Harpists have more choices than other musicians.  You can play in an orchestra, as a soloist, perform at receptions or sophisticated parties, teach in a school or for private lessons, perform at religious services or with a choir, and many more opportunities!
  • All ages can learn to play!
  • You are never too old to start and rarely too young.  All it takes is a dedication and love of the instrument.  The harp comes in different sizes for just the right fit and there is a variety of music to fit your personal taste.
  • It can be used as a healing tool.
  • The soothing sounds are very relaxing.  The full vibrant tones massage the entire body.  Music can affect us emotionally and lift our moods and the tranquility of the harp can refresh the spirit and aid in healing.


Why play the harp?